A review of the movie a midsummer nights dream

December 6th, A 14 year old Mickey Rooney steals the movie as Puck. This is how the theatre may have look: Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Brown and Frank McHugh also star.

Through the intervention of the woodland fairies and the use of a magical flower, not unlike cupids arrow the romantic impulses of our protagonists become redirected and mismatched in a hilarious comedy of confusion.

Shakespeare uses language to create this comedy. The costumes are an amusing jumble of styles suggesting how Shakespeare's time represented old "Athens. Enjoyable and light-hearted humour. Bottom mixes up his words when he says: My only big complaint with this film is that it literally has a chick fight in a mud pit.

The prologue is all mixed up and wrong which gives it a slapstick, humorous feel from the start. By the conclusion of the show's two hour and fifteen minute run time immediately preceded by the excessively lengthy play within the show which is executed by the troupe of playersthe final musical moment, which truthfully creates an enjoyable moment of beauty and magic, ultimately chops up the final monologue of Puck, and slows down the show's final sentiment, which, due to the length of the piece, may leave some audiences feeling more antsy than transported.

It also shows that they are inexperienced, as it is common for the audience to comment on the play. Philostrate has seen the play and explains how it can be true.

Selected by the Downers for its signification of transformation, particularly amongst women, this production of Midsummer is set in the s - a choice which adds to the defiance of Hermia as she runs away from her father to pursue her own freedom in love. Most of the funny mistakes are made by bottom.

Alliteration is also over-used later on in the play by Pyramus: Byron Haskin's special effects surely contributed to that win; the opticals and double exposures are much more precise than in the average effects film of the time.

John Staniunas plays a stern but merry fairy king Oberon, and his minion Puck J. Hippolyta initially seemed hesitant to watch the play because of the description Philostrate gives her.

They are charmed and influenced, unbeknownst to them, by several immortal characters such as Puck, and the King and Queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania. Something similar happens to Oberon and Titania in the fact that Oberon places the love-juice on Titania's eyes so that any love she has for him will diminish and in turn she will fall in love with a beast so that he can aquire the changeling boy they had previously argued about.

He is breaking the rules of acting and drama by speaking directly to an audience member. They would have been close to the actors The Mechanicalsand they would have jeered, shouted and made witty comments to interrupt the play. Oberon, King of the Fairies Victor Jory is not on good terms with his queen.

Also, though this version of the play was set in the early nineteenth century as opposed to ancient Athenian times, none of the meanings and circumstances seem out of place or irrelevant.

These fairies toy with the mortals by having them fall in and out of love with each other to suit their own whims. Lysander comments on the bad punctuation by saying: The actors feel that this is appropriate whereas the audience see it as funny.

This classic is unlike any other movie from that or any other year. With the help of the mischievous Puck Stanley TucciOberon exposes his queen to a potion that causes people to fall in love with whomever they first see after they wake up.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream in High Park is too light to linger after waking

Audience seating surrounds the stage. This creates a few points for the audience to work a little harder to piece together an interaction onstage, and leaves some aspects of the plot feeling a bit trivial or insincere.

Oberon's eager lieutenant is the horned fairy Puck, played with antic skill by Mickey Rooney, for once putting his exuberance to work in a worthy vehicle.

Insightful looks into life morals and philosophies regarding addiction. Worth watching for sorceress Yuuko alone. It is also read out with improper punctuation, which makes it sound like nonsense.

But of course, Stanley Tucci is charming and sweet and knocks it out of the park like he always does.Home Movies & Tv Series A Midsummer Night’s Dream () (Blu-ray in Mediabook) A treat for the eye. «(TV Movie) Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. There are no reviews yet.

Questions and answers of the customers. Download A Midsummer Night's Dream torrent YIFY full movie or via magnet. Classic Shakespeare play adapted for television by Russell T Davies.

In the tyrannical court of Athens, pitiless dictator Theseus plans his wedding to Hippolyta, a prisoner of war, and young Hermia is sentenced to death by her own father.

Movie reviews for A Midsummer Nights Dream. MRQE Metric: See what the critics had to say and watch the trailer. Dec 02,  · A Midsummer Night’s Dream is not supposed to be sexy. It is a commentary on the foolishness of love. It is a commentary on the foolishness of love.

This misinterpretation is most prevalent in the scene where Lysander and Hermia decide to rest in the forest for the night. The striking finale of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is the tradesmen's 'play', which provides a particularly hilarious highlight to this joyous production.

As any director would, Doran carefully wrings the comedy from this scene by exploiting the incompetence of. A Midsummer Night's Dream is faithful towards the famous play by Shakespeare, but it seems a bit dull.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935)

The performances are fine, and the scenery is quaint, but the movie just seems a bit off-center. 0 of 0 users found this helpful 0 0.

A review of the movie a midsummer nights dream
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